Doc Johnson: Red Boy Extra Large Butt Plug! oooOOOuch!OOOooo!

What a Toy!

It Can't Get Much Better?

I once threw this wonder on eBay! And I was shocked at the views! Yet Why was I so amazed when I am providing the opportunity to enjoy Doc Johnson Quality adult toy craftsmanship. When It comes to making smooth and pleasurable Plastics for erotic consumption Doc Johnson is The Master. I sold a lot of these and with 15 inch circumference at the largest portion-many spreads got spread to the wider! I can only imagine who can take it in the anus and I once witness a girl squat over the toy only to come up legs quivering at the knees. For The Red Boy Extra Large Butt Plug is 9 Inches Tall, 4½ Inches in Diameter, 15 Inches in Circumference of the largest section; This Big Boy is definitely NOT for beginners! It's strong and sturdy, weighing in at almost 4 lbs., this OVERSIZED butt plug is more than enough to please!
Ready To make Your Valentine Day Dreams Cum True!
I just like how it looks and i use her as desktop decoration, maybe one day someone may stroll-in and give her a try!
Maybe That Might be You

For the other sizes and this one plus more click here


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